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Product Highlight - ION Biome

I want to use this space on my website to highlight products I personally use and recommend to others for holistic health and healing. **I do not make money on promoting this product.

Many, many.... of your "health" problems will develop from other areas of your body. A very important part of your body you cannot afford to neglect is your gut. It is the ROOT to most other parts of your body and health issues.

ION Biome is a product I discovered from Dr. Zach Bush, MD. He developed this product and in a nutshell this is what it does and is comprised of: "All natural and soil derived, ION* Gut Support goes beyond probiotics to defend you from environmental toxins by fortifying the gut lining, even in the presence of toxins, and diversifying your gut microbiome naturally."

Essentially, ION Biome if you go on his website tightens the cells in the lining of the gut so unhealthy bacteria and pathogens don't leak out of the lining to the bloodstream or other organs. This is known as having "leaky gut" and many negative health problems can arise with your body with this. Dr. Bush has a short video you can watch about how the product works on his website. It's worth taking the time to explore this for your health. Dr. Bush practices in Charlottesville, VA and he gets his ancient soil for the main ingredient for ION Biome in the great smokey mountains.

He also offers the nasal spray for daily use for the respiratory tract and lining. You are plumbing from your mouth to your anus and you have to be proactive with the respiratory tract as well as the gut. The nasal spray has the same ingredients as the ION Biome for the gut but it tightens the cell lining in the respiratory tract to help with not having respiratory or sinus infections.

I have personally been doing this product and another product called GI Renew from Dr. Robert Morse and I have seen a dramatic difference in my overall health. I recently went to the dentist and had the panoramic x-ray of my mouth and the nasal/sinus cavity shows as well in this picture. I am happy to report that although I have had some pressure headaches recently, my nasal and sinus cavity looked clear and beautiful per the dentist! The pressure headaches must be coming from the seasons changing and the barometric pressure fluctuating.

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