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Wellness is thriving not just surviving.

Holistic health is multidimensional mind, body, and spirit. 


Good mental health is essential to a healthy body and spirit. What we think effects our health. Poorly-managed negative emotions are not good for our well-being. When we have good emotional health, we have the ability to manage our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. 



Not feeling well in our physical body, can negatively effect our mind and spirit. In fact, health problems significantly increase our risk of developing mental health problems. When we feel and look good our mind and spirit are free to soar. 

Where your thoughts go, energy follows.

Fruits have the most energy with nutrients and hydration for true healing of the body.

To BE STILL and have a calm spirit is a great starting place to really connect with God’s spirit. 

Coaching Services


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Spiritual experiences shift perception, and can moderate the effects of stress on mental health. When our spirits our whole and healthy, our mind and body will follow suit. 

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Hello, I am Julianne Clodfelter and thank you for stopping by my website and blog. Here is a little about myself I would like to share: 

​I am happily married to my husband Brian of 25 years and we share three children together.

​I've been an RN since 1998. I've worked in the healthcare setting for 17 years in various roles and I went back to school in 2007 to receive my graduate degrees in nursing, obtaining a MSN and MHA. In 2015, I left the hospital and went to work in my family business with my husband Brian to have a more flexible schedule with a bustling family and kids. 


It was in my Retention Nursing position that I sensed a call from God to step out and broaden my territory with mentoring women outside my sphere of influence in healthcare.

Wellness Coaching

I have always been drawn to mentoring and coaching in healthcare and I was fortunate to bring this to the construction and development business. Mentoring is what brings me true joy, I enjoy watching people grow and become all they are destined to be!

In 2020, I had an awakening through the Covid pandemic that healthcare could be different. Many people were sick and not getting better with debilitating diagnoses. With Covid, the illumination of fear amongst the public was obviously present to me. I wanted to jump in and help people understand their body better and have some sense of understanding what could make it healthier and respond better during these times of uncertainty.

I studied under holistic and natural medicine healers. Proper nutrition, the right foods and supplements, can heal the body and can purge acid within the body. When your body is relieved of toxicity, you'll be healthier and more alkaline. This in turn will help it to fight off viruses and turn around terminal and debilitating diseases.


I've taken my knowledge to help others who want to promote their health in natural ways. I partner with other health providers and physicians to teach clients about food choices, how their body processes food, complications with diet, and lifestyle modifications that will enhance the functioning of the body. I also offer herbal remedies to promote an increased nutrition concentration to the body and its cells to heal more effectively. 

Contact me today if you would like to know more. I am standing by to help coach and guide you to understand your body better, feel great, and have the quality of life you and your body deserves. I want you to be all you can be: mind, body, and spirit. 

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