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Cellular Hydration

In my last blog post I talked about how good fruit was for the body and the cells. I would like to take this further and talk about the benefits you get from fruit as it relates to cellular hydration.

For years, I have followed the theory to drink half of my body weight in water for hydration and to lose weight or flush fat. Not only do I get tired of drinking water but I found out it really doesn't benefit my body on a cellular level. When I would drink tons of water a day, my urine was clear. This is suppose to be good, right? Wrong....yes water will flush your body and organs but it doesn't really pull toxins from your cells and lymph fluid. Think of it like this, if your urine is clear, where are your toxins? They are being retained in your body.

Water is good to drink, and distilled water is the best for your body. But drinking 100% fruit juices and preferably fresh squeezed will hydrate your cells, provide nutrients and electrolytes, fiber, and work as an astringent to pull toxins from your cells to eliminate harmful toxins from your body. You CAN count the water in your juices as part of your hydration for the day. Continue to drink water, but if you have a smoothie in the morning or fresh squeezed juice you should be counting this as vital hydration too for your daily consumption. Always throw in a lime, lemon, or slice of orange in your water. This will give you some natural flavor but also the citric acid will benefit your cells to help eliminate toxins.

Coffee and tea are okay to have but I would not count this as hydration because of the caffeine in these drinks. Tea has less caffeine than coffee usually but caffeine will dehydrate you. Coffee and tea can be medicinal in small portions, but limit your amount to not become overly stimulated or dehydrated. Green tea is wonderful to drink because of its benefits with the gut, brain/heart health, kills bacteria and viruses, boosts liver health, and can put you in a better mood. I always like to have a cup of green tea with lemon and honey for my pick me up in the afternoons. This gets me through that last push of the day and helps focus me to finish my day strong.

Remember, when your body is truly hydrated at the cellular level, your cells are healthy. Dr. Zach Bush goes as far to say when your cells are fully hydrated, you will not get cancer. Cancer cells are basically very dehydrated and malnourished/sick cells that have clumped together to form tumors. Please look him up to hear his teaching on this topic.

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