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Vitality of Fruit

Let's talk all things fruit. Why is fruit important? Is it good for your body and cells? Can I eat too much fruit?

Fruit sugars (fructose) has been a misconception for me for years. I was taught as a Nurse to teach patients and especially diabetics to limit their fruit sugar intake. Natural fruits are carbohydrates, I'm not disputing this fact. But here is the misconception...natural fruit sugars are called fructose which DO NOT require insulin to unlock the cell for the sugar to enter. This means fruit sugar is the BEST sugar for the cells/body because less work is required by the body for the natural sugar to enter and work. The body needs sugar, this is a fact. Your brain needs sugar... It just needs the right kind. All sugars are NOT created equally for the cells and body. Fruits are also very healing for the body with providing the highest amount of electromagnetic energy and hydration to repair and build up cells that are deprived and sick.

Fruit also has the HIGHEST amount of angstroms, 8000 - 10,000 angstroms. What are angstroms you may ask? Angstroms are electromagnetic ENERGY. What is your BODY? Well, it's made up of about 80 to 100 trillion cells of ENERGY. When you combine or consume whole fruit or natural juices into your body, you are giving it the VITAL ENERGY it needs to thrive and feel more energized and work more effectively. The average healthy human body is comprised of 6500 angstroms and a patient with cancer cells in their body is comprised of 4875 angstroms of energy. This is why a person who isn't healthy should be eating as much raw fruit and juices as they can. They will feed their cells the highest amount of electromagnetic energy it needs, provide the highest amount of antioxidants, hydration, electrolytes, and energy the sick cells need to become healthy and thriving again!

I want you to take note, next time you indulge in that ice cream cone, candy bar or piece of pie when you are hungry and your blood sugar is low. Write down/journal and take a mental note on how your body feels 30-45 minutes after you eat these foods. (You will probably be in a sugar coma!) You will feel sluggish and sleepy.

Then I want you to write down how you feel after you eat an apple or pear or maybe have 8-12oz of fresh squeezed orange juice. Now, tell me how your body feels? You will feel and see a significant difference in your body when eating fructose sugar versus refined glucose sugars that wreck havoc on your cells and body. Not to mention when your insulin rises, you store fat. Hello weight gain!

Fruit and natural fruit juices are important to your cells because they do several things. They hydrate, give nourishment with electrolytes and fiber, and they give the cells the vital energy they need to thrive and maintain health. One more very important thing I CANNOT forget to mention that fruit does is it pulls toxins from your cells that you need to get rid of through your lymph fluid.

This means the fruits contain astringents. The astringents play a big role in pulling toxins from your cells into your lymph system to dump into your waste so you are not holding onto harmful toxins inside the body. Citrus juices are extremely important in this concept. Anytime you can add some lemon/lime or orange to your water or smoothies or food, toss it in to pull those toxins from your glands and organs. You have way more room on the outside than you do on the inside for toxins of all forms. A build up of toxins and acids in the body cause sickness like cancer and "auto-immune" problems. Your lymph makes up 80% of your bodily fluid and your blood makes up only 20% of your fluid.

Can you consume too much fruit? The real answer is No but there will always be those who may try to eat 100 watermelons in a day. This would make you feel really bloated from all the water content and it just wouldn't be smart at the end of the day. I would say that is not good but on an average day, going for fruit instead of concentrated sweets and junk food is ALWAYS a better choice for your body. Having fruit with each meal is a good idea too as long as you group the right fruits with each meal. Melons are a better fruit to eat by themselves. They contain a lot of water and fiber and they can make you feel bloated sometimes when eating with other fruit.

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